The hosted domains feature of a web hosting account indicates the number of registered domains that you can add in the very same account. Registering a domain and hosting it are two completely different services although many people consider them to be the very same thing. While the registration signifies that you become the owner of a specific domain, the hosting element is what actually enables you to have a web site considering that this is where your files and email messages are going to be. Because these are two separate services, it is possible to register a new domain with one company and host it with another one by changing its name servers (DNS) - the domain shall work in the exact same way just as if it was registered and hosted with the same company. It is also important to know that changing the hosting means pointing the domain address to a different company and not transferring it.

Hosted Domains in Cloud Web Hosting

With our Linux cloud web hosting you can host a different amount of domain addresses, no matter whether you register them through our company or with an alternative provider. In the event you host just a few domains, you'll likely use much less resources, so you can go for a lower-end plan, that will also be more affordable. If you want to add more domains in your account at some point, you can add extra slots via your website hosting Control Panel and keep the current plan or upgrade your entire plan and employ the additional resources for the new domain addresses. Each of the upgrades requires just a few clicks and is activated instantly. Since registering and hosting a domain are 2 different things, there is no limit how many domain names you are able to register regardless of the plan you’ve subscribed for.

Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Since our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are very powerful, we have decided not to set any limit on the number of the domains which you can host if you purchase such a plan. This feature is unrestricted by default, not on demand or after some upgrade, so it's your decision how many domains you are going to add and how you will employ the system resources of the semi-dedicated hosting account. The plans are managed using our custom Hepsia hosting CP which will permit you to see and manage all hosted domains in one place, erasing the need to go through different accounts as you'll need to do with all the other website hosting Control Panels. There is also no limit how many domain names you are able to register or transfer and it's your choice how many of them you are going to host in the account.