Using e-mails with your personal domain is far more convenient and it will give you more trustworthiness as a firm if you keep in touch with partners. Such an e-mail address will also look better in case a random visitor on your web site contacts you by using a reviews form and you need to answer. How quick it is to take care of your email correspondence is generally as important as the quality of the service, considering that some website hosting Control Panels make it quite difficult and time-consuming to perform elementary duties such as providing anti-spam security or forwarding your e-mail messages. That is why, you should employ an e-mail service that will allow you to access everything promptly and which will make the management of your e-mails fast and easy.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Cloud Web Hosting

The custom Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, which is provided with every cloud web hosting package that we provide, was made to make everything easy even for individuals who have never managed a site or an email address before. It comes with an advanced, still very easy to navigate Email Manager instrument where you are able to gain access to any feature you need with only a few clicks. With fast access buttons and right-click context menus you are able to do practically anything - create or delete a mailbox, forward all the email messages to a different email, provide SPF or anti-spam protection, set-up a catch-all mailbox, and many other things. Webmail accessibility and downloadable auto-configuration files for the most popular email clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird) are available in the Email Manager section of Hepsia.