In case you have a domain and a web hosting plan for it, you’ll be able to create email accounts for personal or commercial purposes and to set them up with applications such as Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird. In the meantime, you will be able to opt for one of the two most popular email retrieval protocols – IMAP or POP3. The first one will enable you to check all email messages, but they will remain on the mail server, whereas with the second one, all messages will be downloaded on the device where the mailbox is set up, unless you explicitly select a copy to be saved on the server. In this way, you can choose if you’d like all your electronic communication to be stored on a single device, or if you’d rather be able to access the emails from numerous locations. The latter alternative is pretty convenient for companies where different employees working on separate computers need to get access to a particular email account.

POP3 IMAP E-mail Accounts in Cloud Web Hosting

If you get a Linux cloud web hosting from our company, you will be able to create email accounts with any domain hosted in your account and to set them up with any email software app. During the process, you can select IMAP or POP3 as we offer support for the two email protocols, so it will depend on you if all email messages will be downloaded locally at your end or if they will stay on the email server. With us, you can even set up a mailbox on your smartphone irrespective of its OS and we’ve included in-depth tutorials on how to do that. To save yourself some time, you can also download and run our auto-config files to set up an email account in Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail automatically. With our hosting plans, you can pick a preferred device and application to view your emails.